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Quick No-Tie Shoelaces

Quick No-Tie Shoelaces


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The latest fashion accessory is here! Good bye tie, change your shoes into a slip-on, no worry about tying your shoelaces during any activities.

It's an elastic lace that doesn't need to tie, you just stretch it and clip it. On one end of the lace is a ring that you just clip on the metal pieces.

Bulid your own style

It’s OK to be a rebel and go against the mainstream. Buy more than one color and Mix and match to combine different laces to your creativity.


You can set up your Quick No-Tie Shoelaces in 5 minutes by following 4 simple steps.

  1. Place the metal tips on the top eyelets
  2. Put the shoelace, starting from the top
  3. Lock the shoelace and make sure is tight, really tight, we advice you to try your shoelace. Cut the remaining shoelace as shown in the image.
  4. Tie a knot at the bottom.
  5. All set, if you need extra tension you can wrap the shoelace around the other metal tip as well.


Steps to set the Quick No-Tie Shoelaces

Works for Everyone

Because of its simplicity and easy installation it can be used for every generation, especially for kids and young folks.

Order yours now and tie your shoes with the latest fashion trend!

Sale price available for limited time, make sure you stock up. Select the colors that fits your style and don't tie a single shoelace any more. The Quick No-Tine Shoelace is the perfect gift!

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