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A Noticeably Better TV!

If you’re looking for a TV that’s a step above, Konka has you covered. The new U5 Series provides a higher level of picture quality with advanced features such as the HiBright Pro LED backlight and ColorWave wide color gamut. It also includes a premium smart TV experience with Android TV, an Included (Free) Voice Control Remote and the stunning ZeroBezel design. With U5 Series you get the perfect combination of high quality and high value, that you deserve!

Android TV

Smarter Smart!

Android TV includes Built-in Google Assistant, Google Play Store and ChromeCast for a smarter smart TV experience. This means you get access to over 500,000 movies and TV shows, the ability to ask Google for timely information, play your favorite music, or even control your applicable smart home devices.

Included (Free) Voice Control Remote

Total Control with Just Your Voice!

In addition to integrating an amazing Smart TV System, Konka also gives you the special Voice Control Remote, for Free!  With this remote you can control your home entertainment system, and applicable smart home devices, using just your voice for a better and easier user experience.

Konka ZeroBezel™ Design

Almost No Bezel at All!

With the Konka ZeroBezel™ frameless design, the TV is virtually edge-to-edge screen. This stunning design will turn heads and blends perfectly into any home décor.

AccuMotion™ Enhanced Motion Rate

Be Part of the Action!

AccuMotion™ utilizes advanced backlight blinking technology to create a higher effective refresh rate.  The result is enhanced motion clarity when watching high motion video such as action movies or sports. 

HiBright™ Pro LED Backlight

25% Brighter, Because Brighter is Better!

HiBright™ Pro ( HiBright™- 43'') LED backlight creates more dynamic images that also maintain their picture quality in brighter rooms that have ambient room lighting or sunlight from uncovered windows.  You’ll notice the difference

ColorWave™ Wide Color Gamut

Color Your World!

ColorWave™ wide color gamut panel provides deeper colors for more lifelike images.  

Konka XC3™ Quad Core+Ultra HD Engine

Xtreme Clarity, Contrast And Color!

ColorWave™ wide color gamut panel provides deeper colors for more lifelike images.Konka XC3™ combines three key picture enhancement technologies to create superior image quality. CrystalView™ Multi-Function Clarity Enhancer for more detailed images, DeepBlack™ Contrast Enhancer for deeper images, and PurePalette™ Wide Color Enhancer for more accurate colors.

4K HDR (HDR 10)

See Movies the Way The Director Intended!

High dynamic range (HDR) creates deep blacks and bright peak whites to better recreate true movie theater images.

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